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Gesa Hubertine Hirschfeld, also known as Gigi Hubertine, is a German artist based in Hamburg, Germany. After completing her high school education with a focus on art, she spent nearly two years living in America. She pursued studies in Chinese business language, sinology, and international business for her bachelor’s degree, followed by a year in China where she worked at Porsche before obtaining her marketing master’s degree.

Inspired by her experiences learning Chinese, immersing herself in its culture, and navigating various business roles, she transitioned from business to pursue her true passion: abstract art infused with Chinese wisdom. In her work, she explores the ethical and cultural parallels between Eastern and Western philosophies, aiming to foster intercultural understanding and transcend human categorization.

In her art, she integrates original Chinese philosophical teachings, such as those of Confucius, to highlight shared values between Eastern and Western cultures. Each painting encapsulates a single Chinese wisdom, with colors and forms imbuing the wisdom’s meaning. Through her work, she communicates socially reflecting messages.

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‚People cannot be judged by their appearance, just as the water of the sea cannot be measured with a bushel.‘ -Confucius


‚I think stigmatization of people is a powerful force that shapes not only our own perception, but also that of others. By recognizing the harmful effects of stigmatization and working to break down the beliefs that sustain it, we can create a more equal society. This is the focus of my exhibition series „Gentle[hu]man“.‘



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